One year since she'd gone. How do we celebrate it?

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Marking The First Anniversary of Mum’s Death

The past 12 months had flown by. February and March was upon me, and I was having “this time, last year” thoughts. It wasn’t good, but I guess it’s part of a bereavement process. We decided to do the same as what we did to celebrate Mum’s birthday. We would visit her memorial bench and have a meal. Additionally, I had the idea of letting off Chinese lanterns (which had disastrous consequences - won’t be doing that again!).

We had also made a change to her bench. You see, when it was first instated in August 2010, it had some cheap plastic plaque on it. It resembled a “keep of the grass” sign, and we wanted it changed. So during March 2011, we ordered another plaque. It was brass and had more words on it. The previous one just had “Michelle Mora” on it, but this new one we put:

(1958 – 2010)

It was beautiful. It truly matched the bench and made it look a thousand times better.

Anyway, we all met at the bench. Flowers placed by an unknown person were there once again which happened for her birthday. A nice thought, but we would love to know who it was. I got in touch with my Great Aunt who lives in Birmingham and is unable to travel such a long way. She was very close to my Mum and I said if she wants me to put flowers down for her, then I will. She sent some money, so we used all of it to go out and buy flowers on behalf of her. As well as these, we all brought along our own flowers and placed them on the bench. We then drove to the hotel next door (yes, we drove 20 seconds!). From there, we had a lovely meal and continued to discuss any memories we had and anything that’s happened in the past year. Afterwards, we went back to the house and let off some Chinese lanterns. We weren’t great letting them off as some hit electricity wires, went in people’s gardens, nearly hit some buildings.

All in all, it was a lovely evening. Maybe next time we won’t go to the hotel as the food was very expensive and it was exceedingly posh. Maybe a trip to our favorite curry house will have to do – even so, enjoy the photos of the evening (which can also be found on Facebook).

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